5 Emotional Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

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Domestic and international real estate investment is emotionally tolling. And it’s fitting, after all, when so much of investors’ money is at stake, they are bound to over-think and stress. However, often, these emotions turn against them, limiting their capability to tap on the right opportunities and/or maximize their returns.

Here are five very common emotional mistakes real estate investors make that eventually limit them from optimized returns:

1. Not Selling The Property

Not all your moves will go right! This is more true for beginners. They will make mistakes. They will get in the bad deals. They will invest in poor properties. In such cases, knowing when to sell the property and exit the market is very important.

However, so much in their ego, many investors don’t admit their mistakes and sell the property, which eventually quadruple their losses.

2. Treating It As Their Home

This apartment you’re purchasing, it’s not for yourself. This villa that you’re investing in, you won’t live here. You’re simply building your real estate portfolio.

Sadly, this isn’t something that many investors understand. Every property they invest in, they treat it as their own. This basic mindset mounts on their decision-making an emotional blanket, which makes taking rational decisions much difficult.

For instance, if an apartment in your portfolio is bringing you loss, it’s best to sell it. However, selling becomes quite difficult if you’re treating it as your home.

Similarly, if you’re purchasing properties per your preference, and not for their return value, you would often avoid investing in properties because, well, “I don’t like it” “I don’t feel good about it”.

3. Buying Local Properties

Many investors prefer to invest in properties that are locally based so that they can pay a visit to it all the time. This, evidently, limits them from exploring all the high-return opportunities that exist outside their city, state, and country.

If you’re building a long-term portfolio, going for real estate investment properties that are based outside your city and country is, sometimes, essential.

4. Exiting The Market With The Wrong Idea

Some people, after loss, look to recover their money as quick as possible. However, there’s also a large crowd that, after loss, cowers and exits the market, fearing more bad news.

They exit usually because they are emotional in their investments and do not have a distinct investment strategy.

Of course, this is bad. Indeed, the real estate industry doesn’t “guarantee” big returns to anyone. However, in the macro picture, after all the ups and downs, the market usually self-corrects, eventually delivering all the players who had the patience with sufficient returns.

Sadly, those who make an abrupt exit after loss, with a flawed idea that real estate investment is bad or difficult, do not get to taste this eventual return.

5. Over-Relying On The Agent

Having the right residential and commercial property investment company by your side is very important. However, this doesn’t exactly take away your responsibility of being independent in your decision-making.

While your agent may guide you and help you spot high-return opportunities, it is your responsibility to analyze the options and act independently. Over-relying on them to spoon feed you, which usually stems out from emotional incompetency, is a big, big mistake.


These are 5 emotional mistakes many real estate investors make. And these usually end up limiting their potential to enjoy more returns.

So, whether you’re a pro or have just started in the game, avoid being emotional. Be rational in your overall approach and stick to your defined investment strategy no matter what.