5 Principles Every Serious Real Estate Investor Needs

real estate investments

Yes, their ideas, strategies, and goals vary. However, profitable real estate investors swear by the same core values that helped them accrue massive wealth.

If you’re a serious real estate investor, despite your different style and goal, you need the same values to get yourself en-route to a high-value portfolio.

Here are five principles you must adopt to make the best realestate investments decisions:

1. Cashflow Is Everything

You shouldn’t invest in properties and just forget about it. If you want to build a solid portfolio, you must bank on every opportunity to maximize your returns.

This means you must be more focused towards the cashflow than just being fixated about cash.

Get along with one of the top real estate companies and work together to create a framework where you’re enjoying a consistent influx of profit from your properties.

2. It’s A Long-Term Game

At the end of the day, the best real estate investing strategy you can have is patience. This is a long-term game.

In most cases, the longer you stay in the market, the more rewards you will get.

So, unless you have enough time at-hand and your appetite for risks is high, don’t get carried away with the current glamour of flipping. Flipping properties isn’t always profitable – not at least for everyone.

3. The Market Works In A Cycle

Yes, we’re having one of the longest stretches of economic booms. However, in reality, the market works in a cycle. If the price is going up, it will inevitably come down.

As an investor, whatever deals you get into, you should always factor this inevitable.

You must closely time your purchase and sale to this cycle. Meaning, you don’t want to make any investment when the market is showing signs of recession and you don’t want to wait when the prices are low already (unless you see any unleveraged opportunity).

4. Network With The Right People

New opportunities pop-up when you’re hanging out with like-minded people. After all, not all residential and commercial projects get listed; many remain off the market. Knowing the right people who have reliable market sources can help you unlock such off-the-grid opportunities.

Moreover, when you’re hanging out with other investors, in exchange of ideas and opinions you also get to learn a lot.

5. Learning Never Stops

The real estate market changes and evolves all the time. No amount of theories can fool-proof your plans and strategies.

So, if you aren’t open to learning from the new trends, from the market, from your own experiences – you will eventually get left behind.

Remember, the growth of your portfolio is directly proportionate to your growth as a real estate investor.


These are five principles every serious real estate investor needs. They are fundamental to their success.

If you’re looking to build a high-value, sustainable portfolio, hold these values close to your heart and see unexpected opportunities roll up outside your gate.