5 Traits Of Massively Successful Real Estate Investors

real estate investments

It isn’t just about investing in properties and building a portfolio. Not at least if you’re looking to maximize your returns and become wealthy. And that’s exactly what the ultra-successful real estate investors look for.

Now, it’s not a sane idea to replicate the model and strategies of these “ultra-successful real estate investors”. After all, they have their own unique goals and style that might not necessarily fit yours. Moreover, it’s difficult to replicate them entirely. You can copy their ideas but you can’t copy their skills, can you?

However, that said, they do have some fundamental qualities that are no less than essential for anyone willing to become a successful real estate investor.

If you have the same ambition, here are five of their traits you must adopt:

1. They Have Enormous Patience

Building a high-worth portfolio demands time – a lot of time. There’s no such thing as “quick” here.

If you’re entering the game with the intent to make quick money, you’re going to end up disappointed.

You must have enough patience to start small, cover the distance in small and measured steps. The small steps will add to make a pool over a period of years and decades. And that’s exactly how ultra-successful real estate investors managed to build their portfolio.

2. They Are Life-Long Learners

You don’t think real estate investment is easy, do you?

It’s much more than just investing in properties, holding and selling to cut a margin.

It includes a long learning curve, and some more. If you aren’t learning and growing on a very consistent basis, you’ll inevitably fail to build a high-value portfolio that sustains and deliver you optimum returns.

The top real estate investors are always learning… from the real estate investment firms, from their peers and from their own experiences.

3. They Listen To The Market

One of the biggest problems of new real estate investors is that they listen to others too much. They listen to too much news – news that, today, does no more than spread FUD.

They listen to the opinions of others.

They follow what others are doing.

This is one of the biggest mistakes.

If you’re listening to others beyond a point, you will always be in paranoia. Your actions will always be reactive. And, most importantly, you will always enter into the saturated market.

Instead, you must listen to the market… That’s what the successful real estate investors. They listen to the market. They analyze the trends, understand the economic shifts, and then make the next move accordingly.

4. They Know What They Want

Having a plan is important. In order to build the desired portfolio, you must know exactly what needs to be done, how you’re going to do it and when you’re going to do it.

You must address the what’s, how’s and when’s so to stay on the track. You must set small milestones and goals to track your growth and speed.

Without a thorough and thoughtful plan, you will end up lost.

The successful real estate investors always work along with a long-term plan – and so should you.

5. They Have The Grit

Not all your decisions will be right. Not all the properties you invested in will return with the same rewards. Your residential, commercial property investment company will not “always” help you find the best opportunities.

This is a part of the process. Every win comes with several defeats.

Sadly, what many investors do is after small defeats, they leave the game. They sell off their properties out of fear and exit the market.

On the other hand, successful investors remain in the game even after micro defeats because they know what they want, because they are assured of their plans and strategies to lead them to wins.

If you don’t have the grit, you will leave the game at the first sign of loss.


These are five key traits of ultra-successful real estate investors.

You can’t copy these investors (their ideas and strategies), but it’s important that you adopt these attributes if you’re really looking to build a high-worth portfolio.