Real Estate Investing

How to Find Off-Market Properties in 2020 to Invest in?

Sure, you can search Twitter, go through countless posts, and find a thing or two about off-market properties in your state or city. But then are those Tweets trustable? Moreover, are those properties...

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Investing In Commercial Properties In 2020: A Good Idea?

2019 was great for commercial real estate, owing to the office and co-living spaces. But will 2020 be the same? Many market pundits and reports believe so. The CBRE’s 2020 US Outlook predicts that ...

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3 Ways Real Estate Investment Makes You A Better Person

It’s much more than just about working along with the top real estate companies in Los Angeles and building a high-worth portfolio. Ask any good real estate entrepreneur USA based and they would te...

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What The Smart Property Investors Would Be Up To In 2020?

With the start of a new year also come countless speculations around how the real estate scene will progress. There’s a very good chance, in fact, that you have read at least one of such predictive ...

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How to Make More Money in Real Estate in 2020?

If you’re going to follow the same 2019-esque strategies even in 2020, you’re going to get the same rewards. Now, if last year delivered per your expectations, fair and well – you can continue o...

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15 Mistakes a Property Investor Should Never Make

Of course, this is far from a comprehensive list. But, per the best real estate companies who regularly work with new market players, here are 15 mistakes a property investor should never make: ...

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