Flipping Houses Is Not Easy : 2 Fatal Mistakes Beginners Make

real estate investments

The arrangement certainly looks very simple and straightforward. You buy a property at a low price and then sell it at a high price, cutting a *big* profit in the middle.

But then the reality is this: even when you have found the best place to buy investment property, actually purchasing a house and then selling it, the process is hectic, complex and isn’t profit-assured.

Was it easy, don’t you think every investor would be flipping?!

That said though, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a go. You should! Just, in the process, work to proactively avoid these two mistakes:

1. Not Having Enough Money

Many beginners, so excited and motivated, do not think through their finances. Getting in this investment model requires thorough planning and strategy.

Sadly, what many do is become a part of this game just for the sake of it. Whatever capital they have, they purchase a property without giving a second thought to the kind of property they are investing in. Is it even worth purchasing? Is it flippable?

Purchasing a bad, low-priced property, just because one is short in capital, is a bad move. And it jeopardizes the potential returns.

In such cases, when they don’t have enough money, the investors should either wait to have sufficient capital so to invest in good properties, or they should get together with other investors to crowd-fund the capital.

2. Not Surrounding Themselves With The Right People

Although overlooked and undermined, this is very, very important. Surrounding yourself with the right experts and investment partners can make or break the deal for you.

When you have the right people by your side, you automatically open the new windows of opportunities for yourself, which goes on to minimize your risks and add to your return value.

With them, on the back of a large network, you find better options for investing in commercial properties, as well as in residential properties. You find the sellers quickly. You learn more. You understand the market trends better.

So, start building around you a fortress of right individuals who share the same investment ideas, goals and commitment as you. Attend events to find new investor friends. Do your research and hire the top real estate investing services providers who have a qualified and experienced team.


These are two very fatal mistakes many beginners make when they enter the game of flipping houses.

As simple as it may seem, buying-selling properties to cut quick profit is complex, which requires proper strategy, analytical skills, and overall approach. If you can pull these three essentials together, and avoid the aforementioned mistakes, you can make a fortune from flipping houses.