How To Set Your Real Estate Investment Goal?

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Having a well-defined goal is the cornerstone of becoming a successful real estate investor who *actually* enjoys long-term, maximized returns.

However, the sad part is that’s what so many new players in the game lack – a goal.

Their basic narrative is to invest in as many properties, hold and sell at a higher price. Of course, the model is right. But if you’re looking to maximize your profits and to build a high-worth portfolio, you’ve got to take a much more strategic stance.

And that strategy would only come when you have a thoughtful goal in place.

In that context, to help you, here are 5 tips on how you can set your real estate investments goal:

1. Set Several Smaller Goals

Smaller goals must follow you to the bigger one. They would be more like your milestones, helping you organize your actions and keep track of your progress, as well as speed.

So, define several smaller, short-term goals.

How much you want to invest in properties by next month? How do you want your portfolio to look in the next six months? How much do you want your portfolio to be worth in the next two months?

Have such smaller goals-cum-milestones.

2. Be As Specific As Possible

“I want to make a lot of money in the next 5 years.”

This is as vague as it gets and you very certainly won’t make a lot of money.

Goals must be specific – very specific so you can outline a plan and strategy around them.

So, don’t be vague in your big and smaller goals. Point out the exact figure you want to achieve, as well as the exact time frame you want to achieve that in.

3. Keep It Realistic

“I will lose 20 pounds in 5 days!”

Sure, you want to. But will you do it? Is it even possible?


And when you know you can’t do it, you imminently won’t do it.

Goals must be realistic. You must believe that you can achieve that. If not, you’ll end up fighting a lost battle – completely demotivated and unenergetic in your journey.

4. Consult Experts/Professionals

Unless you’re a pro, taking help from one of the best investment companies is always a good idea.

Having professionals or experts by your side to navigate you in the right direction can be a life savior for the beginners.

So, look around and find one of the good real estate investment management companies.

Communicate, consult and work out a thoughtful goal per your needs and requirements.

5. Incorporate Changes

Real estate market is very dynamic. The economic trends change regularly and this may demand you to change your plans and goals accordingly.

So, don’t be inflexible in what you want. Have enough room in your smaller and big goals to incorporate market changes.

When there are signs of recession, slow down. When a boom is expected, speed up to invest more in residential and commercial properties. If the market has gotten crowded and there are chances of a crash, make your exit.

Change your goals with the changing market.


These are five basic tips to help you create a solid real estate investments goal.

Of course, it won’t be as easy, and that you might stumble across many challenges on the way. However, if you are to build a high-value, sustainable portfolio and become a successful real estate investor, a goal is the first and most important thing you would need.

Remember, as Zig Ziglar once said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached”.