How To Turn Yourself From A Casual To Serious Property Investor?

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A few months or years back one of your friends told you about a great property. You thought “what the heck…” and ended up investing in it.

Since then you have invested in a handful of properties. But now you’re done being a casual property investor. You want to become a serious real estate investor with a high-worth portfolio.

Here are five tips that would help you in that transition:

1. Get In The Right Mindset

Being a serious real estate investor is quite emotionally tolling. Yes, you make informed decisions with risk management on the back, but there’s always the risk of losing big. In fact, there are good chances that you will lose money. Your investment property decisions will go wrong. You will end up with the wrong properties.

Moreover, building a high-rewarding and sustainable portfolio is a long game.

All these require you to have the right frame of mind – emotionally strong, strategically adept. You must be ready for the roller-coaster of a ride that waits ahead.

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2. Outline A Long-Term Plan

“Oh hey, that looks like a good property. Let’s invest!” When you’re a serious property investor, this is the last thing you would want to do.

Unless you’re intuitively gifted, impulsive decisions will almost always lead you to losses. Meaning, you need a thorough and well-defined plan… A plan that sums your journey as a real estate investor for the next 5-10 years… A plan marked by several milestones to help you stay on the right track and measure your progress.

So, before you commit any hefty sum, sit back and outline a smart and long-term investment plan. Take your time in this.

3. Start Networking With Other Investors

Networking is one of the key success factors for the real estate investors and yet it remains highly underrated.

It helps unlock you plenty of new opportunities, discover better properties and get to know more about unlisted projects. In addition, when engaging with other investors, you also open yourself to learn more, get market insights and get feedback to improve your own strategy.

So, if you don’t already, start networking with other real estate investors. Attend events and seminars.

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4. Hire A Real Estate Company

You might be a genius but real estate investment is not a one-person game. It isn’t a DIY thing.

You need the right people by your side to understand the market better, to know more about different properties, to handle the obligations that come with investments, for portfolio management, and for various other purposes.

So, don’t assume that you can do it all by yourself. You’ll be wrong.

Hire one of the best real estate companies and work along with them to build your portfolio.

5. Actively Learn And Improve

When you’re a serious real estate investor, trying to build a lasting portfolio, learning and improving are an ever-going process.

After all, the real estate market is very dynamic. Depending on so many factors, the trends shift every day. This demands you to make changes in your strategies often. And such changes are not possible if you aren’t consistently learning and improving yourself.

So, adopt a learner’s mindset. Read news articles, hear the insights of the experts, and communicate with other investors.


These are five tips to help your transition from being a casual to a serious property investor.

Of course, it won’t be very simple and straightforward. You will find many challenges on the way. Moreover, the process will take a lot of time.

But then if you’re really looking to build a high-worth portfolio, being casual won’t do the trick. You’ve got to make the transition to being a serious property investor.