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How Not to Lose Money in Real Estate (Part 3)

There are many ways how real estate investors lose money. In the process of building a high-worth portfolio, it’s essential that you’re aware of these “ways”. In the previous part of this 3-p...

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How Not to Lose Money in Real Estate (Part 2)

In the previous part of this 3-post series, we discussed how blindly relying on the internet can be a big problem for real estate investors. To grow yourself as an investor – and to grow your portfo...

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How Not to Lose Money in Real Estate (Part 1)

Real estate is one of the best investment avenues. Even millionaires agree. But then it isn’t easy. Sure, in the long-run, you usually stand to make a profit; the valuation of the property appreci...

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Overseas Property Investment During COVID-19

In the time of high market volatility, property investment would usually remain a go-to choice for many. However, the pandemic – and the impending recession – has rid investors even of that option...

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A Small Checklist for the Part-time Real Estate Investors

Neither do you have the interest nor knowledge to do it full-time. However, real estate investment is too lucrative to not touch. So, being a part-time investor is a much saner idea. But then even wh...

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A Great Time to But Rental Properties

The economic contraction, on the back of the pandemic, won’t necessarily bring bad news for every industry. There are a few that it would leave benefits with, including the real estate sector. “We...

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