Three 2020 New Year’s Resolutions Every Real Estate Investor Must Make

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You fall short in your goals. You made several mistakes. And your portfolio didn’t shine bright like you thought it would.

Shrug off those Ls in 2020 to write the desired story on a cleaner slate.

This new year, take proactive steps to become a better real estate investor.

Here are three 2020 New Year’s resolutions every real estate investor must make (and keep)

1. Network With Other Real Estate Investors

Mingling with other players in the market not only helps you learn and get better but also unlock you plenty of newer opportunities.

This way, you get to know more about the off-market properties.

In conversations with other investors, you get new market insights. You get to discuss new trends and news with them. Their ideas and opinions help shape your own strategies for the better.

Collectively, all these help build your skills and improve you as a real estate investor.

So, this new year, connect with more investors – both online and offline.

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2. Work Along With A Good Real Estate Investment Firm

Even with all the information internet provides you with, you’re never self-adequate to build a high-value real estate portfolio.

The climb to the top of the ladder includes keeping up with all the latest trends, analyzing the market regularly and making the right decisions over a long period of time. This is difficult when you’re alone.

So, in order to become a high-worth real estate entrepreneur USA based, you need one of the top real estate investment firms by your side.

Working along with experienced professionals and experts help you outline better strategies and make swift execution.

Plus, if you’re not technically adept in analyzing the market and making optimum decisions, these professionals can help you with that too.

So, in 2020, give up your DIY mindset. Hire one of the top real estate companies in Los Angeles and work along with them to build the desired portfolio.

3. Have Enough Patience To Build A Solid Portfolio

This is a topic you will find here on our blog time and again – and it still couldn’t be said enough times.

So many new real estate investors are chasing big dreams and money. They lack patience; they want it all tomorrow.

Don’t be one of them.

It would take years and even a decade to build the kind of portfolio you have in your head. You cannot rush that process. This is more important for those who don’t necessarily have a large capital to invest.

In 2020, promise to be more patient. Keep your emotions at bay – keep your long-term plan at the forefront.

Enjoy the process. You will eventually get to that destination.


These are three 2020 New Year’s resolutions every real estate investor should make and keep.

Of course, these are quite basic. As an investor, if you have struggled with something in 2019, you want to fix that in the New Year. If you made some mistakes, you don’t want to make the same blunders in the coming months.

The key here is to keep making improvements every day, week and month of the year.

So, whatever went wrong in 2019, shrug them off. You have a cleaner slate and a fresh opportunity now to become better at real estate investment.

Are you ready to dominate 2020?

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