What Beginners Get Wrong About Being A Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

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You want to be a successful real estate entrepreneur. And you sure have plenty of expectations… Never-ending wealth, holidays in Rio and a posh lifestyle.

But, of course, things aren’t as sexy as the mainstream conveys. In fact, the reality could be far from your expectations. There’s plenty that beginners get wrong about being a real estate entrepreneur. Here are five of those things:

1. There’s No “Perfect” Time Or Opportunity

Many people wait… they wait for the perfect moments to make the right investment. Needless to say, in this wait, they end up wasting a lot of time and let go of many great opportunities.

When you’re trying to build a high-worth portfolio, there’s no perfect time. You constantly look for opportunities and often take calculated chances; taking risks is a big part of the game.

That’s what successful real estate entrepreneurs do. They don’t wait for the perfect opportunities. Rather, through their strategies, they make every opportunity perfect.

2. There Are Plenty Of Losses

Not all your investments will go right. In fact, there would be many occasions when some of your biggest bets would bring you losses. And losses aren’t fun.

Expecting just the climbs, which many beginners do, is a big mistake. There would be plenty of falls too. The key here is to hold your nerves, be strategic in your approach and move forward to ensure more Ws than Ls.

Sadly, many investors, at the first sight of losses, retreat and lose interest in investing.

3. It Requires A Lot Of Time And Patience

This is quite an obvious one and yet so many beginners fail to realize.

A high-worth, sustainable portfolio requires time to build. It can’t happen in a month or year.

Meaning, to become a successful real estate entrepreneur with a great portfolio, you must deploy massive patience. You must spare enough time in the process. Do you have that kind of patience?

4. It’s Challenging To “Enjoy Life”

It’s difficult to enjoy life when the economy has tilted and your portfolio is worth 50 percent less than what it was yesterday.

Real estate market is quite dynamic. Even when you have a good strategy and risk management on the back, you can never fully avoid the risks.

In such a situation, it’s difficult to keep calm and enjoy vacations.

A simple solution is to keep your emotions out of your investments. But then that’s easier said than done.

5. It’s A Lot Of Hard Work

Even when you have top real estate companies in Los Angeles by your side to assist, it doesn’t free you from your duties and responsibilities as an investor.

To build a solid portfolio and become a successful real estate entrepreneur, you’ve got to continuously grind and hustle and stay ahead of the market.

You’ve got to work very hard in understanding the trends, reading the market, analyzing your portfolio, and networking with investors and key stakeholders.

Every successful investor, even with real estate investment firms with them, continues to put in the work. They don’t outsource hard work. After all, while others can advise them what to do, in the end, they are responsible for their own portfolio.


These are five things that beginners get wrong about being a profitable real estate entrepreneur.

If you’re about to venture on the same path, don’t start the game with misconceptions! Stay in sync with the realities, have a long-term plan and be ready to work hard.